As a Certified Aging in Place contractor, we understand the needs of the senior and special needs population, and will design environments that will accommodate individuals that require barrier-free living. With our expert knowledge in Aging-in-Place design, we provide high quality remodeling solutions, while keeping the customer's budget in mind.

What is aging in place?

Life is not about growing old. It’s about living life to the fullest for as long as possible. The reality is that the older we get the more challenging some things become. It’s not a fun subject, but the reality is that we will all get to this place in life, some sooner than others. All of us want to live a long, healthy and productive life and in fact compared to just 50 years ago, most are living well into their 80s. So, with that in mind, it's about the quality of life and preparing to live it.


Nobody wants to think about living life in a diminished capacity, but to choose not to plan for it may put you at risk. The risk of living in a home that is not is set up for a senior with minor challenges can result in hardships that can (at minimum) negatively impact the quality of life of the resident or (at worst) make living life independently unmanageable. Now is the time to plan and prepare for this time.


What preparation for this time does is to extend the time where one can live in their home safely, comfortably and affordably. What lack of preparation does is to shorten the aging in place experience due to unforeseen hazards or hardships in the home often resulting in a depilating fall or injury or simply making life unmanageable.


As our media and government agencies continue to remind us, our population is aging. In fact, 25% of our population are baby boomers that are about to go through a new phase of life, retirement and life after work. The new term for this is Aging in Place. With the large number of people moving into this phase of life the reality is that senior living (senior communities, assisted living, nursing homes, and more) have been developing rapidly. However, for many (maybe most) this is not the option they would choose. According to AARP, most seniors desire to live their entire life in their own home. When interviewed, those approaching retirement note that that would prefer to permanently stay in their home and remain part of their community, continue to enjoy lifelong friends, entertain family and friends and enjoy a high quality of life. The question then arises of whether or not this is not only possible, but affordable and realistic. So what this means, is the honest evaluation of lifestyle choices by seniors and their families.


The fact is that most people do not realize that the cost senior housing (assisted living, adult retirement communities or nursing homes) is simply not affordable. Nationwide, the average cost is upwards of $ 6000 per month. With life expectancies ever increasing, for most this will financially wipe them out; depleting all savings and eliminating all hope of providing any inheritance. With the money runs out, many options are eliminated. Medicaid and medicare only covers part of the costs and when the money runs out, you will be forced to choose another facility, perhaps not to their liking.


There is another choice, Independent Living in your own home.


Our team of professionals would like to meet with you and show you just how affordable and wonderful this option can be. So whether you are a few years away from retirement or currently struggling living at home, contact us today to schedule your FREE convenient in-home consultation. We look forward to meeting you.


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