Team Building assures the owner that the Architect and the Builder are working closely together from the beginning of a project which reduces building time and saves money.

Case Studies

We believe that its not just enough to display our completed projects, but to provide "case studies" where we show where we have provided significant and measurable benefits of using us in pre-construction management.  Additionally, we not only finish projects on budget and on schedule, but we have many wonderful testimonials to "how" we built the project.


By partnering, our ability to provide innovative alternatives during the design process saves the project money and time as well as eliminates the potential adversial relationship that many construction projects experience in the traditional design - bid - build process.  If you are considering building, please take a few minutes and review the below projects and testimonials and consider how your experience with us could be different.

To see examples of “Team Building” please view the following case studies:


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