“I was very impressed by Meyer's performance. Meyer did a superb job of coordinating and resolving a number of very difficult technical challenges as well as several complex and unconventional green elements. Their project management and craftsmanship were excellent. We had some difficulty with one piece of equipment (through no fault of Meyer's) and they came back again and again at their own expense and kept at it until the issue was resolved to the owner's satisfaction.”

—Damon Strub, A.I.A., Nomad Architecture

Red Devon Restaurant


Bangall, NY


Nomad Architecture

Long Island City, New York

The former Stagestop “Cagney’s” Restaurant features locally produced, organically grown products. The project includes renovations to the existing 6300 SF restaurant and 1000 SF addition which will house the new Restaurant, Bakery and Butcher Shop.

Green Building features include: Ground source water heat pump to provide heating and cooling. Green Kitchen exhaust hood and make up air unit estimated to save 110.000 kw/hr per year. Photovoltaic solar panels to generate electricity. Solar vacuum tube collectors for domestic hot water. Green roof at private dining addition. Use of material with high recycled contents. Low VOC interior finishes.


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